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Envelope Addressing


Envelope Addressing



Each envelope is addressed by hand by Molly Grace in the agreed upon style, color, and format. Calligraphy styles and envelope layouts coming soon!


Types of envelopes

Outer envelope: Includes a full delivery address block. Return address should be pre-printed on the envelope by your stationer.* 

Inner envelope: Only applies if you are using a second envelope to enclose your invitation suite and includes a name line only.

Reply card envelope: Typically has the return address pre-printed.* 

*Molly Grace offers a variety of return address options if it will not be pre-printed on the outer envelope or reply card envelope, including custom return address stamps and stickers, embossing, and hand calligraphy.


If you would like to purchase digital art in the matching calligraphy script for your stationer to use in their design or for us to create a stamp or embossing plate for you, please inquire for details and options.