Molly Grace Makes



Imperfect, meet practice.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 6.45.04 PM.png

Bezier curves are a beautiful and devilish tool, however we are slowly making peace with one another. This piece was a more complete attempt at vectorizing a hand lettered, calligraphic sketch. While I typically work directly with hand drawn typography and calligraphy to maintain the aesthetic of the imperfect, hand drawn letterforms, I am quite drawn to the crisp, cleanliness of this unique composition.

Not only did I become more comfortable in working with the bezier curves, but I learned quite a bit about the consistency (or should I say inconsistency?) and tendencies in my lettering. Hand lettering is much more than sketching letterforms; it is the composition of shapes and space to created legible forms. When working digitally, zooming into 600% fractures your ability to read a letter or phrase as a whole and forces you to focus on the elements that create that letter or phrase. It's a great exercise to discover where imperfections (good and bad) lie, as well as tendencies, such as how you finish an end letterform, and consistencies, like angle.

While I am a big advocate for imperfection, I do think it is important to take note of your practice and look at it from a different perspective to recognize and develop a personal style. Be critical of yourself in a positive light, but don't be afraid to run with imperfections and make something of them. It's all part of uncovering your strengths and uniqueness!