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Creative South, you have my heart

*Poster purchased at Creative South 2015

*Poster purchased at Creative South 2015

They aren't kidding when they say you come as friends and leave as family. Hands down, one of the best experiences of my life. It's actually quite difficult to put into words the impact CS15 had on me. My curiosity was so fulfilled, yet it has become increasingly boundless. Being surrounded by so many like-minded people in such a comforting location is a rarity.

I think as creatives, freelance or otherwise, we often forget we're not alone. We're a part of an ever growing community that has an incredibly unique perspective on, well, life as we know it. How creativity impacts us, what we can accomplish, how we can be successful, where to draw the line, who to interact with, what makes us powerful - the list goes on. The starving artist doesn't exist in our minds because we have the ability to make something out of nothing and find happiness in our passion.

Creative South brought this to life for me. I felt empowered to do more, excited to take risks, informed in the industry, but most importantly, confident that I love what I do and I'm on the right path. Doors were opened and conversation flowed everywhere I went. No question was "dumb", no answer was vague and no interaction disingenuous. Intimidation can often get the best of us when we are new to something, which makes it hard to take big steps and get outside of our comfort zone. CS has created an environment that breaks down walls between "the speakers" and "the attendees". Everyone has something to bring to the table and, likewise, everyone has something to learn.

The lineup of workshops, speakers, events and vendors was excellent. I was surrounded by artists and vendors I have been following for years and I got to hear their stories - real stories, not sugar coated. That's what's so special about an event like this - you get the real deal - the good, the bad, the crazy and you can feel the passion. You can literally feel it. There is an appreciation for all things creative and something for each and every person to take away and apply to their own techniques, processes, and thinking. Take a look and sign up for the CS newsletter to stay informed on the CS16 happenings - I promise you will NOT be disappointed and I would love to see you there.



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