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Perfection is overrated. Find pride in your flaws.


Hey guys and gals!

Today I started exploring brush lettering and loved every bit of it. Just your standard, run of the mill starter pack of paint brushes will do (nothing like making do with what you've got!) It's one of those things that can make a perfectionist like myself uncomfortable - it's messy, unpredictable and, well, imperfect. But, as I've found, that is the nature of this hand crafted art.

I've been thinking a lot about perfection lately and how it drives my actions, thoughts, goals and lifestyle day in and day out. It has sort of become an expectation that is not only set by my superiors, but also by myself. Feeling the need to meet this level of perfection in everything that we do can consume us and make being satisfied and finding pleasure in our daily lives quite challenging. 

I have challenged myself to find pride in my artistic flaws. There is a unique beauty in imperfection and I have found that writing has allowed me to discover that. There's just something about escaping this digital world and getting lost in a very organic experience. I have found happiness and excitement in an art I never thought I had the hand for, simply because I compared myself to calligraphers and letterers who have dedicated a lifetime to establishing a signature style. 

For you, that challenge might be cooking without a recipe, writing a letter (snail mail is a beautiful thing) or perhaps trying your hand(s and feet) at yoga. Find pride in YOUR flaws and don't be afraid to try a little something new this week - you might be pleasantly surprised. Being imperfect makes us who we are! 

-- M

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